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Metallic Ribbon 5mm - Green

Metallic Ribbon 5mm - Green
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5mm x 500yds Metallic Curling Ribbon
Priced Per Piece.
Sold as a single unit

Model:  MET-5MM-GRN
Part Number:  MET-GRN
Brand:  Tri Products
Type  5mm Metallic Curling Ribbon
Length  500 Yards
Colour  Green

Tri Products

Curling Ribbon is ideal for attaching to helium balloons, tying flower stems and general gift wrapping. Glam up with a Metallic shine

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1 Cut your curling ribbon to the desired length. If you're not sure, cut about 12 inches (about 30 centimeters). If this isn't long enough, you can cut off a longer piece. Remember that when you curl a ribbon it will get shorter, so take that into account.

2 Find the natural curl of the ribbon. Even when the curling ribbon hasn't been curled, it will have a natural curl to it. You will want to follow that natural curl when you're using the scissors to curl it.

3 Note which side is shiny and which is dull. The dull side will need to face downwards, towards the ground, when you're curling the ribbon with scissors. Typically the curl follows the shinier side of the ribbon.

4 Grasp one end of the ribbon between your forefinger and thumb. You want to pull this as taut as possible. It depends on whether you've already tied it to a package, or whether you're going to do that after you've curled the ribbon.
It's easier to tie the ribbon on the package and then curl it because then you only have to grip it on one end. Otherwise, you have to tape down one end to hold it in place.
If you're right-handed, place the ribbon in your left hand, and vice versa if you're left-handed.

5 Hold the scissors upward, with the blades facing up and open. Wrap your fingers around the middle of the blades and handles (in the X that's created when the scissors are opened up). Your thumb should be holding the ribbon against the sharpened edge of the scissors

6 Press the dull underside of the ribbon firmly against the blade of the scissors with your thumb. Make sure that the ribbon is still facing dull side down.

7 Pull the ribbon across the scissors blade while continuing to press with your thumb. You need to make sure that you do this quickly. The pressure will cause the ribbon to curl.[5]
you must do this part quickly because if you do it too slow the ribbon won't curl. In some cases, it will get flatter.

8 Release the ribbon from the scissors blade. The curling ribbon should spiral up. If it doesn't or isn't as curly as you want it to be, then you can try the procedure again. If it doesn't work a second time, then you'll need to get a new length of ribbon and try again.

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Product Warnings
Latex Balloons
Not suitable for children under 3 years. For use under adult supervision

Warning:To be used under the direct supervision of an adult

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